Tuesday, February 12, 2019

KDP vs the Deseret Alphabet

I finally stopped trying to second-guess KDP. I asked why they didn't like my cover. The response that I got was that they simply can't handle Deseret materials yet.

This seems weird. I was able to buy an author's proof copy without any difficulty. My only guess is that they are locked into the idea of anything published through KDP being available as a Kindle book, and they don't have the fonts. Or maybe they don't have astral plane compatibility. Or maybe they don't have anyone trained to make sure I haven't slipped obscenities or other objectionable material into my book. Or maybe they just didn't understand my question.

I'm tired of all this. (I tire easily.) I'm throwing in the towel and moving back to Lulu. They take a bigger cut of the sales, and they have a higher minimum price. I don't like that. I'd like to make these volumes available for much less; I really feel badly about charging people $30 for something like this. I'm open to suggestions.

Meanwhile, it's the Deseret Alphabet edition of Dante's Divine Comedy, as translated by Longfellow is available now.

And yes, the volume number on the spine and front cover is incorrect. I will fix that when I get the opportunity—and the strength. I'm really tired of the whole thing right now.