Monday, July 27, 2009

Alice in Deseret

Some time ago, I received email from Thomas Thurman, mentioning a wiki he’s set up for Shavian. (Yes, I should have written about this as soon as the email came in, and yes, I'm frightfully behind on a lot of stuff at the moment.)

The main reason he was writing to me was to let me know that the site supports conversion to the Deseret Alphabet and, as a demonstration, he’s put up Alice in Wonderland. You can find it at

There is a glitch in the conversion process at the moment. Shavian uses special letters for vowels followed by an -r sound and these are left unconverted when going over to Deseret. (There is also the problem of the two alphabets being intended to accommodate two different dialects of English: English as spoken by George V for Shavian, and what I believe to be New England English for Deseret.)

Still, it's rather cool to see something other than the LDS Scriptures available in Deseret. The site as a whole is worth keeping an eye on.