Friday, December 7, 2012

Christmas Shopping Not Done?

Do you have that special someone whose present you still need to buy?  Why not give them the gift that keeps on giving: "A Christmas Carol" in the Deseret Alphabet!

A paperback version is available now from Amazon (; I hope to have an ebook version before much longer.  I'm trying a POD service other than Lulu this time, and so the pricing is slightly better, only $15. (Had I not included color reproductions of the original illustrations, it would be even less.)

(I was going to do something other than "A Christmas Carol," which has been kind of done to death. Everything else I could think of, however, was either too short, too obscure, or too not-in-the-public-domain.)

𐐣𐐯𐑉𐐨 𐐗𐑉𐐮𐑅𐑋𐐲𐑅! 𐐘𐐪𐐼 𐐺𐑊𐐯𐑅 𐐲𐑅, 𐐯𐑂𐑉𐐨 𐐶𐐲𐑌!